Friday, 23 April 2010

hello there ♥

hello lovelies! so i thought i'd start a beauty blog where i can review all my beauty products, skincare, haircare, makeup that sort of thing because i do follow alot of makeup/beauty blogs and tought it would be quite nice to start one of my own ♥

first things first, i thought seeing as i've named this blog after one of my favourite lip balms, i'd do a lip balm review. cherry carmex ♥ i love this lipbalm, it's such a lovely small size, perfect for popping in your bag and for reapplying throughout the day. the packaging is cute, quite retro, which i like. it smells like cherries, as you would expect & tastes of them too!

classic carmex ♥ like the cherry one, it comes in cute packaging, but the smell is slightly menthol but also sweet. they are both a lovely silky smooth consistency & tingle a bit when you apply them. i quite like this, even though i have quite sensitive lips and skin, as you feel as though it's working. both are round the £2.50 price mark, but they do last a long while, even if you're applying them often throughout the day.
the body shop cranberry shimmer lip balm ♥ this is another lip balm that i absolutely love, i tend to use it more towards the back end of the year because it is quite a festive, warming flavour. but it does give beautiful colour and a slight shimmer to your lips, which is always lovely and it smells delicious of sweet cranberries! i think this one is about £5, which seems quite alot, but it doubles up as a lip colour as well as a lovely balm and it does last forever!

there is also one called vanilla spice shimmer lip balm, which is the same range from the body shop. i couldn't find a picture of it, (sorry) but it comes in similar packaging, a light colour and that too is a lovely product. the only thing that differs is obviously the smell- that one is a spicey vanilla, very sweet and warming, and it doesn't really give you any sort of colour, a slight shimmer to the lips though!

vaseline rose & almond oil lip therapy ♥ this is another one of my favourites that i always carry round with me for a quick lip balm fix! it's a lovely pink colour so it does give your lips a slight tint & the smell is a sweet rose one, which all adds to its prettiness! also this is probably the best value out of the lot, because it's around £1.50 a tin.

so that's a few of my favourite lip balms! i would like to do a review on the lip smackers ones too, there is a vanilla coke one i've been wanting to try and some other sweeter flavours, so hopefully i'll get round to buying some and do a review!
hope this has been helpful or just alright to read for my first review! any comments, just pop them in the comments bit below :) ♥
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  1. The vaseline in the tin is an all time favourite of mine. I have the aloe vera one, it's a winner :)