Friday, 23 April 2010

lovely nail paints ♥

i bought these barry m nail paints last week and absolutely love them! from left to right they are grey, turquoise and navy- all 3 colours i picked as summer staples and ones which would match most of my wardrobe.

the first i tried was the turquoise which is a lovely summery colour, it goes on really smooth and has a good shine to it. i did put a base coat on, as it said to, but i think you could maybe get away without as long as you build up even layers of polish. the packaging is very cute and they are lovely just to keep out on your dressing table.

i then tried the navy, which is very dark but has a sort of metallic sheen to it. it matches well with creams, golds and even peaches- which are around a lot at the moment in vintage-style jewelry. it again goes on very evenly and has a nice shine to it.

the last i wore today, the grey, which is also very nice! i do like wearing blacks and darker colours on my nails but this is perfect for summer as its not too dark, but is still a very deep, rich colour. it would go perfect with pinks, peaches and similar in your summer wardrobe. i wore it with a summery dress and purple cardigan and it matched well.

there are plenty of uber lovely colours in the barry m nail paint range at the moment, the latest are the pastel ice cream colours, which i have yet to try! but these are definitely 3 of my favourites! ♥

hello there ♥

hello lovelies! so i thought i'd start a beauty blog where i can review all my beauty products, skincare, haircare, makeup that sort of thing because i do follow alot of makeup/beauty blogs and tought it would be quite nice to start one of my own ♥

first things first, i thought seeing as i've named this blog after one of my favourite lip balms, i'd do a lip balm review. cherry carmex ♥ i love this lipbalm, it's such a lovely small size, perfect for popping in your bag and for reapplying throughout the day. the packaging is cute, quite retro, which i like. it smells like cherries, as you would expect & tastes of them too!

classic carmex ♥ like the cherry one, it comes in cute packaging, but the smell is slightly menthol but also sweet. they are both a lovely silky smooth consistency & tingle a bit when you apply them. i quite like this, even though i have quite sensitive lips and skin, as you feel as though it's working. both are round the £2.50 price mark, but they do last a long while, even if you're applying them often throughout the day.
the body shop cranberry shimmer lip balm ♥ this is another lip balm that i absolutely love, i tend to use it more towards the back end of the year because it is quite a festive, warming flavour. but it does give beautiful colour and a slight shimmer to your lips, which is always lovely and it smells delicious of sweet cranberries! i think this one is about £5, which seems quite alot, but it doubles up as a lip colour as well as a lovely balm and it does last forever!

there is also one called vanilla spice shimmer lip balm, which is the same range from the body shop. i couldn't find a picture of it, (sorry) but it comes in similar packaging, a light colour and that too is a lovely product. the only thing that differs is obviously the smell- that one is a spicey vanilla, very sweet and warming, and it doesn't really give you any sort of colour, a slight shimmer to the lips though!

vaseline rose & almond oil lip therapy ♥ this is another one of my favourites that i always carry round with me for a quick lip balm fix! it's a lovely pink colour so it does give your lips a slight tint & the smell is a sweet rose one, which all adds to its prettiness! also this is probably the best value out of the lot, because it's around £1.50 a tin.

so that's a few of my favourite lip balms! i would like to do a review on the lip smackers ones too, there is a vanilla coke one i've been wanting to try and some other sweeter flavours, so hopefully i'll get round to buying some and do a review!
hope this has been helpful or just alright to read for my first review! any comments, just pop them in the comments bit below :) ♥
[all images are weheartit & google images]